About us

Conscendo Medical Products was founded in 2013 in Sterling, Virginia with the mission of providing the best medical products and laboratory products for public sector customers. In the past 8 years, we have served state and local government customers in more than 30 states.

Conscendo experts create value by optimizing the supply chain and by traveling throughout the world to source a wide variety of medical devices and supplies from the highest quality and least expensive manufacturers. Now we can pass these value to our retail customers through our newly opened Shopify store by offering the same high quality products at or near our wholesale prices previously enjoyed only by our government customers.

Throughout the company history, we have repeatedly exceeded our government customers' expectations by delivering high quality medical products at very competitive prices, on or before the deadlines. Now we are ready to extend that tradition when serving our vast number of retail customers



We have won and successfully fulfilled contracts for states such as New York and Illinois to supply ventilators, intubation supplies, testing kits, testing swabs and VTMs to assist states in their fight against COVID-19.

We can help you source a wide variety of FDA-approved medical devices and supplies from the most reliable and least expensive sources, from both US and overseas.